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Inspired By Our Community

Welcome to Muse Room, a community arts space where inspiration flows from the vibrant people and the world around us. Our mission is to provide a welcoming environment for individuals of all ages to express themselves artistically, discover new talents, and form meaningful connections.

At Muse Room, creativity has no boundaries. We believe in the power of art to transform, connect, and enrich lives. Here, artistic expression is not just a luxury, but a fundamental human right, accessible and open to everyone. Our space is a canvas for imagination, offering a range of opportunities to explore the arts freely and without constraints.

We are dedicated to inclusivity and community engagement, offering a diverse array of classes and events that cater to various interests and skill levels. Beyond our educational offerings, we showcase and support local artists with art available for purchase, creating a thriving ecosystem of creativity and culture.

Join us in this artistic adventure, where every brushstroke, note, and movement celebrates the joy of creation and the spirit of community.

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Ace Trace Art

Meet Alex Tracey, the creative force behind Ace Trace Art, renowned for his stunning mural on the James On State Building in O’Fallon. A local artist at heart, Alex channels his experiences of life, love, and acceptance into vibrant art pieces. His artistic versatility is evident in his use of various mediums, including acrylics, pastels, and digital media, bringing a unique depth to his creations.

This year, Alex is bringing his expertise to the Muse Room by hosting a digital media course. This is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring artists and digital enthusiasts to learn from a celebrated local talent, exploring the innovative realm of digital art under Alex's guidance."

Recent Artworks

Our latest collection showcases an exceptional array of artworks created by talented artists from our local community. Each piece represents a unique story and artistic vision, contributing to the rich tapestry of creativity we celebrate at Muse Room. These inspiring works, along with many others, are available for acquisition both in-person at our space and online. This is your opportunity to own a piece of local artistry and support the thriving creative community that surrounds us.

Delight in one another

Natalie James

Natalie, widely known as 'Mural Maiden' and the inspired founder of Muse Room, has spent most of her life immersed in the world of art. Her expertise spans a vast array of mediums, from the grandeur of murals to the intricate details of painting, ceramics, flame work beads, jewelry making, and the expressive art of dance. Each form is a testament to her versatility and deep-seated passion for creative expression.

Natalie's artistic exploration doesn't stop there. She has a profound appreciation for found object art and the power of words. Currently, she is channeling this passion into an exciting new series entitled 'Life, Love, and the Written Word,' a project that intertwines visual art with storytelling to capture the essence of human experiences. This series is a reflection of Natalie's ongoing commitment to exploring and celebrating the diverse facets of art and life.

Membership and venue rental

At the Muse Room we are happy to offer custom private events and memebrships to use the space throughout the day. Everything from gallery style showings, private workshops, private girls night out parties, birthday party, baby showers, and more!

Nothing limits what we can do for private events at the Muse Room except your own imagination.

Upcoming Classes and Events

At Muse Room, we proudly offer a diverse and rich selection of classes to ignite your creativity and broaden your artistic horizons. Our offerings include:

  • Digital Art: Dive into the world of pixels and digital canvases, where technology meets creativity.
  • Physical Media: Explore traditional art forms with hands-on experiences in various physical media.
  • Drama: Unleash your inner performer with our engaging drama classes.
    And much, much more!
  • Each class is designed to cater to different interests and skill levels, ensuring there’s something for everyone who wants to explore the arts.


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